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23" JERUSALEM ROSE Medieval Crusader SHORT SWORD Knight Historic Dagger + Sheath

23" JERUSALEM ROSE Medieval Crusader SHORT SWORD Knight Historic Dagger + Sheath

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23" JERUSALEM ROSE Medieval Crusader SHORT SWORD Knight Historic Dagger + Sheath
Imagine yourself a Middle Ages knight. Following a series of bloody Crusades, the embattled Holy Land is now in Christian hands, and you've been sworn to protect travelers on their dangerous pilgrimages to sacred sites in this newly opened territory. You'd likely depend on the deadly potency and stealth of a blade not unlike the Jerusalem Rose Short Sword. This striking daggeresque sword features authentic medieval symbols and a design that faithfully mirrors the small, easy-to-conceal swords of high Middle Ages knights, nobility and other well-to-do Holy Land travelers. At just 22 1/2" long, the Jerusalem Rose has a discreet profile that's well suited to hiding under a cloak or breastplate. But make no mistake - the 16 3/4" stainless steel blade is carefully sharpened and more than capable of fending off lethal Ottoman assassins, crafty highwaymen and other threats on the road to the Middle East. The stately metal alloy pommel features the legendary "Jerusalem cross" - a common heraldic symbol donned by medieval crusaders - embossed in brass, encircled by charming rose badges in delicate raised relief. Rose emblems, a familiar household mark of some noble Crusades patrons, are echoed on the gracefully arched metal alloy guard. Even the Jerusalem Rose's scabbard boasts exquisite Middle Ages symbolism. The metal alloy sheath collar is ringed by more rose badges, offset by intricately detailed Eagle heraldic insignia. Soft faux leather bands envelop the regal sheath for a distinctive finishing touch. The Jerusalem Rose Short Sword is perfect for display, knife/sword collections, theater, cosplay or simply enjoying on its own. Regardless of what you decide to do with it, the Jerusalem Rose is sure to draw admiration and respect, just like the Medieval weapons it mimics.
-Inspired by short swords of Crusades knights
-Sharpened 16 3/4" double edged stainless steel blade
-Metal alloy guard with raised rose badges
-Jerusalem Cross embossed on pommel
-Ornate sheath with faux leather wrap
-Sturdy banded black handle
-Overall length: 22 1/2"
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