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Smooth Wood & Steel Viking Shield with Helm of Awe Symbol

Smooth Wood & Steel Viking Shield with Helm of Awe Symbol

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Мade of plywood this piece’s main decorative motif is the Helm of Awe, а symbol used by the Vikings to strike fear into their enemies. The Norse, particularly women would draw this symbol between their eyes on their foreheads for ultimate protection. The Helm of Awe worked best when it was inscribed with blood or spit, making it even more metal.

The shield is made out of 15mm thick birch plywood, painted, and varnished by hand, consolidated with a steel hand-hammered umbo and bolts. It comes with a wood handlebar installed on the back.

The shield can be used as a decorative wall hanger or as a functional piece for medieval reenactment, LARP or Halloween. Because these are handmade products made with real wood blanks the sizes, textures and overall appearance may vary from the photos above. Some blanks might be smaller than anticipated, or larger sizes too thick to transport at a low cost. 

Size - 24 inches in diameter (61 cm)

Weight - 8 pounds (3.5 kg)

Material - 15mm thick birch plywood

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